Cat Mom Lists Hilarious Things Her Kitty Has in Common With Teenagers

Nils Jacobi/Shutterstock

You don't need to spend a long time with a feline to realize that the 'cattitude' is real. Whether they're bored, mad, or just having fun, cats will waste no opportunity to cause chaos. Unless, of course, they'd rather nap instead. Most of the time, though, the shenanigans never cease.

If this sounds a lot like having a kid--specifically a teenager--you're not the first one to think so. One trickster kitty's mom even thought of a whole list of reasons why her cat is like a teenage boy! Loki is appropriately named after the god of mischief, but his resemblance to a human teenager is oddly striking.

Check out this cat owner's May 15 TikTok video, and see what you think! It's hard to disagree with her reasoning, especially after seeing what Loki gets up to every day.

LOL! Just when I thought Loki was getting predictable, the next thing he'd do would make me laugh all over again. Hopefully, his mom has the same kind of reaction to his stunts because otherwise, this could be a lot to take in!

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"He's multi-talented, is all!" argued commenter @tigger1967.  "Though he does make me a little glad sometimes that my children are raised." I know so many parents who can relate! Raising kids--and even raising kittens and cats--can be a special time of life, but it can become tiring after a while, too.

For cat owners though, cleaning up messes and breaking up tussles between siblings is an everyday occurrence. Even finding your feline in the kitchen cabinet isn't the most unlikely thing that can happen! Feline attitude problems can be addressed through training and new routines, too, but would you ever expect your cat to be caught driving recklessly?!

I suppose it's possible that this tabby cat's owner is behind the camera controlling the toy car via remote, but if it's activated by a pedal or button, they could have a problem on their hands. Just think what could happen if Loki figures out how to drive!

Why Do Cats Have Attitude?

Dealing with 'cattitude' seems to be a universal experience among cat owners, but why is that? Every individual animal has their own personality and quirks, just like any other species, but surely there has to be a reason behind felines' hunger for chaos.

Many cats who are not properly socialized or who are not naturally comfortable in a domestic environment may act with aggression or an attitude. This includes many rescue cats who started live as a stray or in a cat colony, though even well-socialized cats can become mean or reclusive. It happens!

Sometimes, a change in a cat's behavior can indicate a larger problem, so you should consider a visit to the vet if your feline suddenly acts like a teenager. If they're like Loki, though--this may simply be their normal demeanor!

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