Cat Looks Completely at Peace in Lap of Toddler Reading a Book

CC Alena Stalmashonak/Shutterstock

Who doesn't love to read a book on the couch? Even our smallest creatures love a little couch potato time. Like a toddler boy and his Persian cat Freddy, who were having the sweetest cuddle in a video that's gone viral online.

To some cats it might have been disturbing to be jostled while your human is flipping through pages of their book. But Freddy totally took it in stride.

You could probably say that nothing was going to ruin Freddy's cuddle session. Not even the toddler, who was animatedly reading his picture book aloud to Freddy. He kept moving the Persian cat from one hand to the other and Freddy never got angry. He was totally calm and chill.

In the end, the boy finished "reading" his stories and then held Freddy in his arms like a baby.

"Bedtime stories with Bobby and Freddy and Freddys’s tongue," their parent joked in the caption.

Because most cats don't necessarily love to be manhandled, people in the comments section were completely in awe of Freddy's chill. "If the cat didn’t love every second of it, he would make it known lol. So cute," wrote one person. "This is the most unbothered cat I’ve ever seen," another commenter joked. "How he sits the cat up and lays him back down!" exclaimed another person. "I’m convinced the cat is a stuffed animal," teased one woman

Persian Cats’ Personalities

Another cat may not have loved story time with Bobby. Luckily Freddy is a Persian cat, which are known for their calm and tranquil demeanor. Persians are just the embodiment of chill. They are dignified, docile, and in general are major sweeties.

As pets Persian cats love to lounge, receive attention, and give affection. But they aren't needy like other pets. Persians don't yowl or make a fuss for attention from their owners and might even seem stand-offish to other people. They aren't being rude! Persians just take a little time to get to know people before they show their affection.

It's also no surprise that Freddy just kept laying down while Bobby moved him around, these cats love to lay! Persians love to stretch out either on the bed or in their human's lap. They can be energetic, but usually they're saving their energy up and are more prone to napping.

So you see, it makes a lot of sense that Freddy stayed chill during story time. It's in his nature to not make waves.

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