The last Toyota GT86 has been sold in the UK

Darren Cassey, PA Motoring Reporter

The Toyota GT86 is no longer on sale in the UK, with the sports car saying goodbye ahead of a new model with a new name being revealed later this year.

It was far from a sales hit for Toyota, with just 7,500 units shifted since going on sale in 2012. However, it remains something of a cult hero among car enthusiasts for being one of the few back-to-basics, affordable performance cars on the market.

It was built in collaboration with Subaru, with that manufacturer supplying the ‘boxer’ engine and both companies selling their own near-identical versions. Subaru has already revealed the next-generation BRZ, but Toyota is yet to show off its new 86.

It’s expected to be unveiled later this year and will be called GR86. Toyota’s performance cars are branded GR, which stands for Gazoo Racing, the name of the company’s motorsport division. It currently also sells the GR Supra and GR Yaris.

Plans for the GT86/BRZ twins were first put in place in 2005, when Toyota and Subaru wanted to start a joint venture. A simple sports car with ordinary tyres (it used the same as those found on the Prius hybrid) and an engine without turbochargers was settled upon, and this never changed throughout its life.

Toyota GT86

The production model debuted at the Tokyo motor show in 2011 and it went on sale in the UK the next year.

Over the years the styling has been tweaked but little about the original ethos has changed, and despite not selling in droves,it continues to be admired by enthusiasts for offering an attainable and pure driving experience.

It will be interesting to see if the GR86 stays true to its roots or if Toyota gives in to calls for turbos and more power…

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