The best compact EVs on sale today

Jack Evans, PA Motoring Reporter

The electric car segment is moving forwards at a frantic pace, with newer and sharper models being released with each passing month. There are a variety of different sizes and shapes, too, with many carmakers opting to go straight for battery-powered SUVs off the bat.

However, for many people, a large car simply isn’t fit for purpose. So if you want to make the switch to an electric vehicle, but want a car that won’t prove too large, then what are your options? We’ve picked out some of the best on sale today.

Honda e

RTOTY20 - Honda e
The Honda sends electric power to the rear wheels alone

If you’re after styling that’ll draw a crowd, then the Honda e could be the electric car for you. It’s a properly eccentric-looking thing, with round headlights and matching rear lights combining with the car’s compact dimensions to create a vehicle which looks like nothing else on the road today.

Though its 125-mile range sits on the shorter end of the scale, the e’s small proportions make it ideal for darting around the city.

Mini Electric

Mini Electric
The Mini Electric retains the regular car’s retro styling

It’s not only Honda which is on a charm offensive, as Mini has delved into the electric market with an equally attractive-looking offering. The Mini Electric brings the same exciting driving experience that you get from the firm’s range of conventionally-driven cars, but with the added bonus of an electric powertrain.

It matches the performance of the sporty Cooper S, in fact, and though its 145-mile range is quite limited, it more than makes up for this with character.

Seat Mii Electric


Seat’s Mii Electric doubles down on its compact size. It’s easily one of the smallest EVs available today, but thanks to a cleverly packaged interior it doesn’t feel as tiny as it actually is. It’s a good looking car, too, while its light steering and zippy performance make it an ideal fit for urban drivers.

With 161 miles of range, it outperforms others on this list, and it can even be taken from zero to 80 per cent in as little as an hour via a fast charger.

Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe has been a common sight on the UK’s roads for some time now, having been a key offering in the EV segment since 2021. It’s been updated since then, of course, with the most recent model arriving with a range of up to 245 miles.

It’s this impressive range which gives the Zoe a long-legged ability that few other EVs in this segment can offer. It’s also smartly designed and packed with features.

Smart EQ


Smart has been a company which has been producing city-focused cars for a long time now, so it was only natural for it to make the switch to electric vehicles. You can get both ForTwo and larger ForFour, but for the most compact layout possible you’ll want to go for the former.

With a range of 99 miles, the ForTwo isn’t a car you’ll want for long-distance trips, but for shorter jaunts around town, it’ll do just fine.

Volkswagen e-Up!

e-Up! exterior
The e-Up! is Volkswagen’s smallest EV

Sitting on the same platform means that the Volkswagen e-Up! is largely identical to Seat’s Mii Electric and brings the same compact size and 161-mile range as a result. The interior of the e-Up! is typical Volkswagen, however, with good material quality and solid fit-and-finish.

Despite carrying the added weight of those batteries, the e-Up! is still an excellent car to drive, with good on-road manners and a surprising amount of refinement when travelling at speed.

Hyundai Kona Electric

Hyundai Kona Electric
The Hyundai Kona has been given a striking new facelift

The Kona Electric is somewhat of a dark horse in the EV segment. It’s absolutely jam-packed with technology, while its claimed 300-mile range outclasses those offered by far more premium alternatives.

It’s well made inside and good to drive, too. In fact, the Kona Electric is one of the very best EVs on sale today – regardless of size. It’s little wonder why Hyundai experienced such demand for it when it was first released…

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