The ABT RSQ8-R is a 730bhp super-SUV

Darren Cassey, PA Motoring Reporter

The Audi RSQ-8 is the latest car to be given the ABT Sportsline treatment, as the German tuner celebrates its 125th anniversary.

Dubbed the RSQ8-R, the super-SUV makes 730bhp and 920Nm of torque, up from the standard car’s 592bhp and 800Nm – the result is an astonishing 3.2-second 0-60mph time, almost half a second faster than before.


The ABT model gets a variety of upgrades over the regular Audi, including an exterior aerodynamic styling package with carbon-fibre elements. The exterior design is completed by a set of 23-inch alloy wheels finished in glossy black.

Extra performance comes from the addition of the ABT Engine Control unit, which works with a new intercooler to increase power and durability, as well as allowing for an optional top speed increase to 196mph.

ABT engineers have also worked on the car’s air suspension system, which incorporates the firm’s Level Control software, which makes the car 25mm lower than standard in Comfort mode and 15mm lower in Dynamic. Meanwhile, a new quad-exit, ABT-made stainless steel exhaust system changes the sound on offer.


Finally, the interior gets a new steering wheel, armrest, centre console and seat refinement.

Just 125 examples will be made, with each package costing €69,900 (£61,250) on top of the cost of the original RSQ8, which starts at £105,300. Meanwhile, each part can be bought separately for those who don’t want the whole thing.

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