MG posted record sales in 2020 despite the pandemic

MG saw sales soar 41 per cent in 2020 to record its best ever year.

The UK-based firm sold 18,415 vehicles, beating its previous record year in 2019.

This was largely driven by the introduction of plug-in electrified models, with the MG ZS EV accounting for almost a third of overall sales. The first MG5 EVs and MG HS Plug-In hybrid models also began to reach customers before the end of the year.

As a result of these increased sales – and the overall UK car market declining almost 30 per cent as a result of the coronavirus pandemic – MG also doubled its market share to 1.15 per cent.

Last year’s results mean that MG has also doubled its annual sales since 2018, having increased its dealer network to 120 and expanding its range to six cars.

Daniel Gregorious, head of sales for MG Motor, said: “For a brand to outperform the market as comprehensively as MG did in 2020 is incredible, especially given the tough market conditions.

“It proves what we already knew – that there’s a huge amount of excitement around MG from both our customers and our rapidly expanding dealer network. In 2021, we’ve got more exciting new models on the horizon and we will be expanding our dealer network even further.”

MG’s sales being driven by EVs echoes the pattern of increased appetite for zero-emission motoring in the overall market. Although EVs’ overall market share is just 6.6 per cent, that’s up from 1.6 in 2019 as sales shot up 185 per cent in 2020.

However, petrol and diesel still dominate the market with a market share of 55.4 and 16 per cent respectively, despite sales being down 39 and 55 per cent last year.

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