Professional footballers face the highest car insurance premiums of any job

Professional footballers faced the highest car insurance premiums of any job in 2020 – the second year in a row they have topped the table.

Footballers returned quotes averaging £1,942, which is about four times higher than the national average.

The research by insurance comparison site MoneySupermarket analysed over five million enquiries between December 2019 and November 2020 to see how a driver’s job can affect their premiums.

  1. Professional footballer - £1,942
  2. Car wash attendant - £1,616
  3. Sportsman - £1,559

Including only those professions that recorded more than 200 quotes in that time, footballers were followed by car wash attendants (£1,616) and sportsman (£1,559).The top five was completed by fast food delivery drivers (£1,537) and abattoir workers (£1,487).

Dave Merrick, car insurance spokesperson at MoneySuperMarket, said: “Our research shows that for the second year running, footballers have the highest car insurance premiums. This is most likely due to the cars they drive, which can often be very high-end.

“As with last year’s results, a range of ‘everyday’ professions – such as delivery drivers – feature in the most expensive category. Insurance companies retain vast repositories of information on previous claims, which informs the way they calculate a premium.

“As a result, some professions are seen as more of a risk and are charged more. But it’s also important to note that other considerations will also be taken into account by insurers such as a driver’s age, their location and their previous claims history.”

Being a guest house proprietor saw the lowest premiums at just £258, followed by typists (£271) and retirees (£275).

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