Lotus collaborates with automotive influencers for stunning Evija photoshoot

Lotus has shared a gallery of photographs from some of the most influential car photographers and social media stars in the car industry.

The British performance car brand invited various influencers to the Duke of London car showroom, which sits in a converted 1930s soap factory in West London, to take photos of the new Evija.

Each was given one hour with the car and invited to shoot it in the showroom and the surrounding areas in their own style.

The electric hypercar is the firm’s first electric car and promises an astonishing 2,000bhp. The shoot was commissioned to celebrate its overall victory in the Automotive Transportation category of the 2020 Muse Global Design Awards.

Photographer Alex Carmichael said: “A huge thanks to Lotus for giving me the opportunity to spend time with the Evija. It’s not every day you get the chance to photograph the next generation of electric hypercars. I hope my photos do the car justice, and I’m looking forward to the next steps in its development before seeing them on the streets.”

Russell Carr, director of design at Lotus, said he was hugely impressed with the unique and creative ways in which the photographers shot the car. “When you have spent thousands of hours looking something from every angle – as I have with the Evija – it’s fascinating to see how talented and creative people choose to photograph it when they’re seeing it for the first time.

“There is some amazing work in this collection and the design of the car really shines through.”

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