Citroen announces CO2 reductions across C3 three-cylinder range

Citroen has introduced a range of more efficient components for its three-cylinder-powered C3 range which has resulted in a drop in CO2 emissions for its popular hatch.

Available on the new C3, the developments have been a new battery fitted to those cars using a manual gearbox, while the entry-level PureTech 83 model has also been given a new alternator in order to improve efficiency. All new C3 models will also get a fuel consumption meter fitted as standard, ahead of regulations due to be implemented in January 2021 which will see this technology made mandatory.

Citroen C3
Efficiency benefits are across the three-cylinder range of engines

As a result of these changes, Citroen now says that the C3 benefits from reductions of between three and seven g/km CO2 across the C3 PureTech three-cylinder petrol range. The emissions for the PureTech 83 fitted with a manual gearbox, for example, fall from 130g/km CO2 to 123g/km.

For company car drivers, this could result in benefit-in-kind tax band reductions of up to two per cent.

This could see the monthly tax bill of a 40 per cent tax payer reduced by more than £140 in the 2021-2022 period.

Despite this change, prices remain unaffected and start from £16,880. The existing BlueHDi diesel engines remain part of the C3’s line-up, though these do not benefit from any reduction in CO2.

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