UK’s best value used cars can be found in Liverpool

Liverpool has been named the best place to buy a used car, offering an unrivalled combination of low prices, newer ages and low mileage.

Research by AA Cars found that the average asking price of a used car in the city was £10,557, while the average car age was about four years with just 32,073 miles on the clock.

It was followed by Derby, Winsford in Cheshire, Nottingham, and Preston.

  1. Liverpool
  2. Derby
  3. Winsford
  4. Nottingham
  5. Preston
The used car market has been booming since lockdown eased, with many online marketplaces reporting traffic records. AA Cars says it believes this increased interest is because many people are looking for a safer alternative to travelling on public transport during the pandemic.

However, despite this, the average price of used cars for sale on the site is £531 lower than it was in January, falling from £12,097 to £11,566.

James Fairclough, CEO of AA Cars, said: “Business has been brisk in the used car market ever since dealerships re-opened. Some drivers may be looking to swap their commute via public transport for a car, while other drivers who typically buy from new may have switched to the second hand market, where you can get great value for money on high quality, nearly new vehicles.

“With many consumers facing financial pressures as a result of the pandemic, drivers want to know where they can get the best value for money on their next car. It’s striking how much regional variation there is, with some areas of Britain offering considerable added value – and Liverpool finishing top of our ranking.”

Winsford had the newest average car age of all 40 cities analysed, at 3.6 years, as well as having the lowest average mileage. However, it failed to provide the best value, coming 32nd in terms of average price.

Bedford had the cheapest average price at £7,925, but this was driven by some of the highest mileage and oldest cars.

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