Mercedes-Benz shares images of comfort-focused S-Class interior

Mercedes-Benz has shared images of the interior details of the new S-Class, showing a tech-focused design that also has comfort at its heart.

The luxury limousine has long been one of the technology leaders, often having features that will become standard on other cars in years to come. However, for this new generation, the firm has been focusing on making the car as comfortable and spacious as possible.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The German car maker wants the new S-Class to be considered a ‘third place’ between home and work through a technology called Energising Comfort. It’s designed to create a suitable atmosphere in the cabin, invigorating passengers if they’re tired or relaxing them if they’re stressed, and can be linked to fitness trackers to make ‘intelligent’ decisions on this.

Ride quality and noise levels have also been optimised for a more comfortable driving experience.

Hartmut Sinkwitz, head of interior design, said: “Our S-Class customers are highly discerning. With the new S-Class, we invite them to a completely new luxury experience. It is underpinned by our ‘Sensual Purity’ design philosophy and our absolute commitment to quality and attention to detail. The result is a revolutionary interior experience caught between digital and analogue luxury.”

Dirk Fetzer, head of S-Class product management, added: “Luxury today is defined by comprehensive refinement. A luxurious driving experience depends on a host of factors and must appeal to all the senses. Traditionally, this also includes almost silent travel. But it also includes making life easier for customers, for example, because intuitive operation and comprehensive connectivity save a lot of time.”

The images also showcase a tech-focused dashboard, with a large central infotainment touchscreen dominating the view forward. Mercedes says there are up to five screens available, while materials used in the dash itself include wood and aluminium.