Renault expands Master ZE range with higher payload and new body variant

The Renault Master ZE range has expanded to three body variants, allowing a choice between a panel van, platform-cabin and chassis-cabin.

These models all get an increased payload and are available in L1, L2 and L3 body lengths, H1 and H2 height profiles, and a gross vehicle weight of 3.1 or 3.5 tonnes, depending on variants.

The new chassis-cabin version is available in L2 and L3 length and H1 height, and gets a payload of up to 1,620kg before conversion. This variant opens up the number of transformations possible for the van, including large volume tailgate and drop side conversions.

The existing panel van, which is available in L2 and L3 lengths, H1 height and four load volume variations from eight to 13 cubic metres, now has an increased payload of up to 1,490kg. Renault says this allows customers to carry more equipment than before while retaining the covered panel body.

Meanwhile, the platform cabin models are available in all length and height profiles and also benefit from a payload increase to up to 1,740kg. This improves the maximum load volume to 20 cubic metres – the same as the chassis cabin – but with a lower loading sill.

Renault says the expanded range and increased payloads have come from the evolution of a new electric motor. The battery pack provides a range of up to 81 miles and can be recharged within six hours using a 7.4kW wallbox.

Prices for the Master ZE range currently start at £57,040 after VAT and the plug-in vehicle grant for the platform cabin model. Orders for the updated models will open in September.

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