Jaguar Land Rover announces new vehicle subscription service

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed a new car subscription service, offering drivers a flexible way of running a new car.

Called ‘Pivotal’, the scheme delivers an alternative to the traditional car buying process. Drivers simply pay a monthly fee – covering insurance, tax and any repairs – leaving just fuel costs remaining. Multiple tiers of membership are available, while drivers are free to put their subscription on pause on a monthly basis too.

The service will include the Land Rover Discovery, Discovery Sport, Jaguar I-Pace, Jaguar F-Pace and all four Range Rover models.

Rawdon Glover, managing director of Jaguar Land Rover UK said: “The future of mobility has never been more in the spotlight and our customers are increasingly looking for more flexibility in the way they interact with us.

“We are constantly looking at new and innovative ways to deliver the best solutions for our customers and adding the Pivotal subscription service to our portfolio is the latest in a line of new services that put our customers’ needs first.

“Through Pivotal and our network of retail partners, even more drivers can get behind the wheel of a Jaguar or Land Rover and we’re excited to see how this new initiative fits in a post-pandemic world where personal transport will undoubtedly be in more demand.”

Drivers will also be able to change their car every six months, giving the freedom to upgrade or downsize depending on their current situation.

According to JLR, 18 per cent of drivers would rather a no-commitment subscription service rather than a traditional paid ownership process. It’s expected that these will account for close to 10 per cent of all new sales in Europe and America by 2025 – equivalent to 16 million vehicles.

Pivotal has the backing of InMotion – Jaguar Land Rover’s venture capital and mobility services arm. It is aiming this new service at the 20 per cent of young professionals who wouldn’t usually own a car, according to JLR research.

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