Londoners urged to drive safely in new road layouts

Londoners are being urged to drive safely and observe speed limits because of the increased number of pedestrians and cyclists on the roads.

Transport for London (TfL0 says it has made ‘significant temporary infrastructure changes’ to accommodate how people are travelling following the coronavirus pandemic.

It says additional walking and cycling space of 19,000m² has been created in the past month through extended footways and bus platforms.

TfL says it plans to introduce more 20mph limits on main roads across the capital after Park Lane saw its speed limit cut from 40mph to 20mph.

The news comes as TfL reports 16 road deaths since March 20, with police recording drivers travelling at up to 130mph despite a 35 per cent reduction in traffic.

The increased walking and cycling space is part of the Mayor of London’s Streetspace for London plan, which aims to encourage people to walk or cycle to work as lockdown restrictions ease and more workplaces open.

Siwan Hayward, TfL’s director of compliance and policing, said: “We’re working closely with the Mayor and local boroughs to provide a huge range of new walking and cycling facilities, ensuring Londoners can get around safely as lockdown measures are eased.

“Drivers are reminded that a number of road layouts may have changed and with more people walking and cycling, it is more critical than ever to slow down, drive carefully and within the speed limit.

“We’d like to thank the majority of drivers who are using London’s roads safely, and by doing so, are protecting their local communities. Enforcing safe speeds remains a priority for ourselves and the police, and action will be taken against drivers found to be putting themselves and other road users at risk.”

Will Norman, London’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner, said: “It is vital that all Londoners walk and cycle for as many journeys as possible which is why our Streetspace plans are rapidly rolling out more space to enable people to safely do so. If you must drive, you must do so carefully, and be aware that road layouts may have changed. It is more important than ever that you don’t speed, including where there are new or existing 20mph limits, to help protect the increased numbers of people walking and cycling, and avoid putting additional pressure on the NHS.”

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