Fifty per cent of people plan to use public transport less after lockdown

Public transport use could be half normal levels following the easing of lockdown measures, with many people turning to their cars instead.

The government has encouraged people not to use public transport if possible to help limit the spread of Covid-19. In a new survey of 3,000 people, about 50 per cent said lockdown had made them less likely to use public transport in the future.

The survey, commissioned by online parking marketplace YourParkingSpace, found less than three per cent of respondents expected their public transport use to increase.

Furthermore, 40 per cent said they were likely to drive more after lockdown, with just 10 per cent saying they would drive less.

Harrison Woods, managing director at YourParkingSpace, said: “Our study indicates there will be fewer people using public transport and more people driving their cars as the lockdown is lifted.

“This shift in attitude could have a major impact on how we travel in the months and even years ahead, presenting significant challenges for public transport if social distancing measures remain in place for long.”

The survey also found that the use of motorcycles and bicycles would not increase much.

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