Classic cars used by Queen Mother and Edward VIII head under the hammer

A car once used by the Queen Mother and another by Edward VIII and Wallace Simpson are set to be sold at auction this week.

Classic car devotee Alan Marshall from Hull is parting ways with a collection of 16 vintage Humber vehicles gathered over the past 60 years by both himself and his father. The decision to put them to sale comes as a result of rising maintenance and storage costs.

The variety of cars is expected to fetch between £200,000 and £250,000 when they go under the hammer via Hansons Auctioneers this week.

The Snipe was used by Edward and Wallis Simpson
Snipe owned by Edward and Wallis Simpson – (Hansons)

A 1952 Super-Snipe MKIII is one of the stars of the auction, having been owned by the Queen Mother. Used to take her to church during the reign of her husband King George VI, the car is said to bear marks she made on the grab handles.

Another draw is a 1930s 80bhp Sniper formerly used by Edward VIII and Wallace Simpson. It was discovered in a Northamptonshire scrapyard and was even requested to be used in the film W.E. by Madonna – though the offer was turned down by Marshall, who stated that the car couldn’t be used as its engine wasn’t in the vehicle at the time.

Some 16 vintage Humbers are set to head under the hammer
Allan Marshall with his beloved Humbers (Hansons)

A Humber Imperial built for King George VI is another classic heading to the auction, though the king sadly died before it could be delivered. It goes alongside several other Humber models, as well as two bicycles made by the Midland-based car manufacturer.

One car which will only be sold if a single owner buys the entire collection is the first Humber Marshall’s father bought in 1960. He said: “I always remember the day I took the back seats out to deliver spuds to fish and chip shops in Hull.

“I don’t want to part with her but if we find someone willing to buy the whole collection for posterity it will be included. I hope my cars stay in the country. They’re like my family. I call them my girls and that first Humber bought by my dad is the boss. I always park her so she can see the others.”

He added: “But the time has come to let go. The costs of keeping them are too much for me now. My wife, Barbara, and I haven’t had a holiday for more than 40 years and if it’s a choice between my cars and my wife there’s no contest.”

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