Hyundai shares more details on its sleek Prophecy concept

Hyundai has shared more images and details of its sleek, ultra-futuristic Prophecy concept car.

The fantastical model was revealed virtually last month after the coronavirus pandemic caused the Geneva motor show to be cancelled. It was pitched as a symbol of the South Korean car maker’s future design direction, called Sensuous Sportiness.

Its sleek shape was inspired by the cars of the 1920s and 30s, with its smooth coupe-style design. It retains the pixel lights seen on another Hyundai concept, the 45, while the propeller-shaped wheels are said to reduce air resistance.

Hyundai Prophecy
Hyundai Prophecy

Power comes from a battery-powered electric motor, which allowed the interior designers to ‘reclaim the space for passenger use’.

The most outlandish addition to this concept is the joysticks that replace the steering wheel. They’re situated left and right of the driver and are said to make it easier to find the perfect driving position. The joysticks can control 90 per cent of the car’s functions, including changing the music, using an ergonomic setup known as the Intuitive Human Interface.

“A perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics”. Explore the design team’s inspiration behind our new Prophecy concept EV.

— Hyundai Motor UK (@Hyundai_UK) March 3, 2020

A new Smart Posture Care System has also been created, allowing the driver to either manually find the perfect seating position or allow the on-board computer to figure out the ideal position for them based on their characteristics. This is said to be calculated based on ‘medically verified information’.

Other clever technology includes a relaxation mode, which lays the seats flat when not driving and swivels the large infotainment screen up for the optimal viewing position, while a unique air filtration system cleans the air entering the cabin.