DS and Peugeot become latest firms to match old plug-in grant payment

DS and Peugeot are the latest manufacturers to offer an additional £500 off an EV in order to match the previous government plug-in car grant value.

Though the Chancellor confirmed the grant would continue through to 2022/23 in last week’s Budget, the previous £3,500 offering has now been cut to £3,000. This grant is applied at the purchase point of the vehicle.

A number of manufacturers have opted to contribute an additional £500 through to the end of March, including MG and Renault, in a bid to bring in more potential EV buyers. PSA pair DS and Peugeot are the latest to do that, applying the discount to all EV orders placed from now until March 31.

Peugeot e-208
Both DS’ and Peugeot’s £500 contribution will be offered until the end of March. (Peugeot)

In DS’s case, this is offered on the 3 Crossback E-Tense, while Peugeot is doing it for orders of the e-208.

David Peel, Peugeot UK managing director, said: “The plug-in car grant has been hugely successful in helping hundreds of thousands of buyers to make the switch to electric. We were delighted to hear the Government has added a further £403 million to the scheme and has agreed to support it until 2022-2023.

“By making up the £500 shortfall in funding, we’re aiming to ensure electric vehicles registrations continue to rise, and that the vehicles will remain accessible to as many as possible.”

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