Going on a road trip? These are the cars you’ll want to take along for the ride…

As we progress through the year, the idea of a summer road trip becomes more of a reality. The open road, with a gang of friends and a filled-to-the-brim car, sounds like the perfect antidote to the dreary winter months.

But which car should you take along for the ride, and which one will mean you get the most out of your journey? We've picked out a variety of options to suit all parties.

Audi RS 6

Audi RS6
Audi's RS 6 packs a punchy V8 into a practical body. (Audi)

We're going in hard to begin with. The RS 6 may be a large, expensive premium estate car but for crossing long distances it's hard to beat. A storming 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged engine resides under the bonnet, driving power to all four wheels through Audi's quattro system.

And though it can go from 0-60mph in under four seconds, it'll still settle down to a cruise just like a regular A6. It means that though it can out-pace most supercars, the RS 6 can still do what regular estate cars do best — big miles in plenty of comfort.

Ariel Nomad

Ariel Nomad
Ariel's Nomad can cover pretty much any terrain, even if practicality isn't a strong point. (Ariel)

Want to spark even more excitement into a road trip? You'll want the Ariel Nomad, then. Incredible to drive and capable of powering over the worst terrain, it's a car which will munch through the miles whatever the weather.

It's a little exposed, we'll admit, and the open-doored layout does mean that you'll need to wrap up if it gets chilly. However, you can strap extra luggage to the roof, so you could almost call it practical.

VW Grand California

VW Grand California
Few vehicles offer as much versatility as the VW Grand California. (Volkswagen)

At the other end of the scale to the Nomad is the Volkswagen Grand California. Almost a small town on wheels, it's packed with clever features to make your trip more comfortable and hassle-free.

It's got space for two adults to sleep comfortably, as well as another smaller 'bedroom' for the kids. It might be massive, but if it's outright space that you want from your road trip vehicle then there are few better,

Mazda MX-5

Mazda MX-5
UK buyers have long lapped up the MX-5. (Mazda)

A drop-top sports car is the go-to choice for many when it comes to the perfect road trip, and perhaps the best option in the UK is the Mazda MX-5.

With low weight and compact proportions, the dinky roadster has been a cult hit on our shores thanks to its frugality and well-suited nature to our tight roads. Its tiny boot may rule out it of any mega trips, but for a weekend away it's hard to think of anything more fitting for a bright summer.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range

Tesla Model 3
In Long Range guise, the Model 3 is capable of 348 miles between charges. (PA)

If your road trip is more about sheer distance than any particular excitement, a Tesla Model 3 Long Range is a great way to take on a mega drive without contributing to local emissions in the process.

A claimed 348-mile range means big distances can be covered without range anxiety, and the impressive coverage of the Tesla supercharging network both in the UK and across the continent makes it one of the easiest EVs to live with. There's also bags of tech on-board to keep both driver and passengers entertained, with the likes of Netflix and in-built video games for the latter.

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