Gemballa reveals sketches of off-road-spec Porsche 911

Famous Porsche tuner Gemballa has revealed a wild off-road-specification 911.

While it’s currently only been shown as a computer-generated rendering, the firm seems keen to put it into production, having built a reputation for creating some outlandish modified Porsches over the years.

Dubbed the Avalanche 4×4, this heavily modified Porsche 911 wears a chunky body kit, large knobbly off-road tyres, and a massive rear spoiler.

Gemballa Avalanche 4x4

Although details of the powertrain remain under wraps, the firm does point to the fact that its customisation division already offers an 818bhp engine update for the 911, making that a feasible option for the Avalanche. Gemballa also says it is working on an upgrade that will offer 1,000bhp.

Steffen Korbach, owner and chief executive of Gemballa, said: “After years of consolidation, we are now preparing a major product offensive with new considerable investments.

“A lot has changed in our sector. Stricter state guidelines and laws, new trends, and competition from vehicle manufacturers are having a massive impact on the vehicle customisation business.

“The prototype of the Gemballa Avalanche 4.2 RS based on the Porsche 991, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2017, is now to be launched this year in an exclusive small series based on the Porsche 991 and 992. The performance data will outshine all comparable vehicles.”

This reveal comes shortly after another Porsche tuner, Ruf, revealed its take on a classic 911 Safari model. That car has a similar ethos, but it is presented in a more subtle way.

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