These were the best-selling cars in February

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) released its monthly car registration figures for February this week, and though it was found that fewer cars were sold during the month it has revealed some interesting changes in the best-selling cars of the month.

In fact, the long-standing top-spot holder has been bumped down a place, with the crown going to another vehicle. So let’s take a look at how things have changed…

Volkswagen Golf – 3,457 registrations

Volkswagen Golf Dynamic
The latest Volkswagen Golf packs loads of technology and driver assistance features

That’s right, the Volkswagen Golf has taken the top-spot away from the all-conquering Ford Fiesta in February. Though an all-new eight-generation Golf has arrived, it’s likely that last-dash sales of the previous generation car have boosted numbers. That said, a new car always spikes interest – so there’s a good chance that the latest model will have people flocking to dealerships.

Ford Fiesta – 3,123 registrations

Ford Fiesta Dynamic
The Fiesta is traditionally one of the best-selling cars in the UK

Looking a bit sorry for itself in second place is the Ford Fiesta. You could call this a minor blip in an otherwise clean sheet – the Fiesta is still the year-to-date best-seller – but it’s interesting seeing it knocked into the runner-up place. We’re more than sure that it’ll bounce back, however, with the Fiesta continuing to be a go-to option for new car buyers.

Ford Focus – 2,764 registrations

Ford Focus Exterior
The Ford Focus consistently gets into the top three places of UK best-sellers

The Ford Focus is a consistent runner-up to the Fiesta, often found nipping at the heels of its smaller sibling. The Focus took third place in February, failing to eclipse the sales of either its blue oval-wearing brethren or its Volkswagen Golf hatchback rival.

Vauxhall Corsa – 1,871 registrations

Vauxhall Corsa Dynamic
The latest Corsa arrives with an all-new platform and a wide range of engines

Vauxhall’s all-new Corsa has arrived, but it hasn’t quite done enough to bump up to a podium position. Again, it’s a household name here in the UK – much like the Fiesta and Golf – but hasn’t managed to quite reached the levels of that pairing yet.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class – 1,648 registrations

Mercedes A-Class Exterior
The A-Class is one of the more premium options in the hatchback segment

Representing the premium segment is the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Packed with features and incorporating a diverse range of engines, it’s a popular option in the high-end tier of the hatchback segment. Coming in fifth place this February, it lags behind more entry-level rivals – no doubt as a result of its higher list price.

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