Seat developing AI technology to prevent drivers falling asleep at the wheel

Seat has announced that it is in the process of developing artificial intelligence technology which will be able to help combat driver fatigue while improving road safety.

Working alongside Eyesight Technologies, the Spanish manufacturer is developing a system which is capable of studying a driver’s eye openness, angle of vision, blink rate and head position to determine whether or not they are falling asleep.

If a driver is found to be drowsy, asleep or even distracted by their mobile phone, the system will trigger an on-board alert.

The technology is also capable of identify a driver from previous journeys and return the car to their exact preferences, adjusting the seat into their favoured position and returning the heating and ventilation to the driver’s preferred settings.

Stefan Ilijevic, Seat head of product innovation, said: “In total more than 90 per cent of the road accidents in Europe are caused by human factor. The main reasons include distraction and tiredness, excessive speed and alcohol and drugs.

Seat driver-monitoring technology
Seat driver-monitoring technology

“At Seat we are working on solutions to prevent negligence behind the steering wheel and significantly reduce road accidents.

“We partner with some of the world’s brightest companies on important technology to save lives, since our long-term vision is a world with zero accidents.”

Seat is also working to develop an active glazing technology for a car’s windows. This would be able to adapt to the weather, darkening the windows within legal limits to prevent dazzling, or making them lighter in darker conditions.