Renault Morphoz looks forward to future of electric mobility

Renault has unveiled its Morphoz concept, showcasing the firm’s ideas about the future of mobility.

It features an extending wheelbase and battery swap technology, meaning that it would temporarily be able to change size and accommodate an extra battery, therefore extending its range. Renault says that the process takes minutes, with the extra cell storage area located beneath the car.

In standard 4.4m ‘City’ setting, the Morphoz uses a 40kWh battery offering a range of 249 miles. However, change to ‘Travel’ mode and the car extends to 4.8 metres, freeing up additional space for a 50kWh battery which boosts range up to 435 miles.

When not powering the vehicle, those batteries can be used to power appliances in the owner’s house or even transfer unspent energy back to the grid.

The concept features space for four with individual seats, while the process of elongating the car frees up more cabin and boot space. The floor is crafted from recycled yoghurt pots and the dashboard is made of wood. In the middle of the cabin is a 10.2-inch central display, bolstered by an additional screen in the centre console for rear-seat occupants.

Renault Morphoz cabin
The interior seats of the Morphoz can be rotated

The Morphoz also features Level 3 autonomous technology, meaning it is capable of removing human error behind close to 90 per cent of road accidents, while helping to detect pedestrians and cyclists.

For now, the Morphoz is just a concept car, with Renault not stating whether it has any intention to put it into production in the future.

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