Mountune’s latest upgrades takes the Ford Fiesta ST up to 232bhp

Mountune has eked more power out of the Ford Fiesta ST with a new upgrade kit that takes its total output to 232bhp.

That’s an extra 35bhp over the 1.5-litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine’s standard output and a further 10 over the tuning firm’s previously most-potent kit for the hot hatch. Torque in the Mk8 Fiesta ST with the m235 kit fitted is boosted to 350Nm, up from the base unit’s 290Nm.

The kit is priced at £575 and can be installed manually by the customer via the OBD port. A high-flow induction upgrade is also included to maximise air flow, replacing the OEM air filter, along with a Mountune badge that can be affixed to the car.

Mountune Fiesta ST
Mountune Fiesta ST

A number of software modes are selectable with the kit. Sport and track modes alter power delivery for respective driving conditions as well as offering a more aggressive launch control strategy, while ‘Stock Performance’ brings the car back to its factory settings. There’s also ‘Anti-Theft’ which fully immobilises the vehicle.

Alec Pell-Johnson, Mountune director, said: “The m235 power upgrade shows how much fun there is to be had from the Mk8 Fiesta ST. We’ve worked hard to improve on the already impressive m225 kit and with the introduction of no-lift shift optimisation and an enhanced exhaust overrun, our latest kit provides drivers with a product that delivers both significant performance and driver enjoyment.”