Skoda delivers 18 kitted-out Kodiaqs to South Western Ambulance Service

Skoda has delivered 18 specially converted examples of its Kodiaq SUV to South Western Ambulance Service for use as emergency response vehicles.

Work was carried out by Halls Electrical Ltd. to meet the demands required of an emergency response vehicle, with Skoda describing the conversion as ‘one of the brand’s most ambitious’.

At the front of the cabin, the once centrally located infotainment system has been moved to a new housing at the passenger’s side of the car above the glovebox to make way for a second screen tilted towards the driver.

This screen is able to display information directly related to 999 calls, while the Skoda infotainment system is said to retain all of its regular functions despite its repositioning.

The Kodiaq boot has seen a total overhaul too, with the third row of seats removed to make way for additional equipment space, a fire extinguisher and a built-in combination safe that can be used for storing controlled drugs.

Skoda hasn’t offered powertrain details on these 18 Kodiaqs, though has confirmed they utilise the 4×4 drivetrain option in order to ‘meet [South Western Ambulance Service’s] clinical and operational demands’.

Robin Gwinnett, South Western Ambulance Service learning and development manager, said: “We have chosen the Skoda Kodiaq as our operational officer vehicle because of the space available for the specialist and technical equipment required by this staff group.

“The vehicle offers the level of safety and comfort that our crews demand from operational vehicles. It blends excellent on-road handling characteristics with enough off-road performance for the majority of the situations our operations officers face on a daily basis.”