Man turns his mini into a stretch limo

Chris Wain with his Mini Limo
Chris Wain with his Mini Limo

For those who struggle to associate a classic Mini with a limousine, it's time to meet the 'Mini Limo'.

Chris Wain, from Nottinghamshire, has created the perfect blend of vintage and luxury with his unique conversion of two classic cars.

The revamped ride travels smoother than a standard Mini and can also cruise at around 85mph.

Chris says the thing he loves most about the car is the reaction he gets from other people when he's out on the road.

And given the unique nature of this motor, it's no surprise that it turns head.

Chris came up with the idea after struggling to find the right vehicle for the big day when he married his Mini-loving wife.

You can see how he pulled it off in the video above.