Hyundai reveals hydrogen-powered lorry with clean energy trailer

Hyundai has revealed a hydrogen-powered truck concept as it announces plans to explore future powertrain technology in the commercial vehicle sector.

It debuted alongside a clean energy refrigerated trailer, with the firm describing the truck and trailer combination as ‘a window into the future’ of heavy-duty transport.

The truck, called the HDC-6 Neptune Concept, utilises a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain similar to that used in the firm’s Nexo SUV. The cab’s design is said to be inspired by streamliner railway trams introduced in 1936, while the large grille that dominates the front end came from the cooling requirements of the powertrain.


Hyundai says the concept is designed to push forward its plans for more hydrogen-fuelled vehicles by 2030.

Hydrogen-powered vehicles are essentially electric vehicles that have the battery topped up by an on-board fuel cell, which is powered by hydrogen, and they emit no pollutants. They have the advantage of offering much higher range than traditional EVs and can be refuelled in a similar time to petrol and diesel vehicles, which makes them ideal for heavy goods vehicles.

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— Hyundai Motor Group (@HMGnewsroom) October 29, 2019

Hyundai also revealed the Nitro ThermoTech trailer, which it says reduces greenhouse gases and dependence on fossil fuels. The refrigerated trailer cools more quickly than traditional units and temperatures can be more precisely maintained with no effect from the outside world.

SangYup Lee, Hyundai Design Centre head, said: “HDC-6 Neptune, the concept for the next-generation fuel-cell electric truck, embodies Hyundai Motor’s vision of mobility for a global hydrogen society, innovatively developed applying Hyundai designers’ creativity and the company’s advanced technology.”

The HDC-6 Neptune and Nitro ThermoTech trailer are on display at the North American Commercial Vehicle show in Georgia, America.

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