Drama as car knocked off bridge by hit-and-run truck

This is the shocking moment a car was knocked off a bridge into water - and the driver tried to save his kid by throwing him at the bridge.

CCTV footage shows a white car driving across a narrow bridge as a red truck with people hanging off the side crosses at the same time.

The two vehicles collide, and the car veers off course, teetering before falling off the side of the bridge into the water below.

A driver's head pokes out the window as he struggles to get one child out - and then stands on the bonnet as he throws his child towards the bridge.

Jumps in to rescue the trapped family members

Locals who'd gathered to help attempted to catch his child - but missed by inches as the child bounced off the side of the bridge.

One person jumps in and helps rescue the other trapped family members, as a second throws a long red cloth into the water to pull them out.

Amid the chaos caused by the collision in Madhya Pradesh, central India, the red truck drives away out of sight.

The family was rescued and taken to hospital, where they are undergoing treatment.