Lamborghini teases track-only, Aventador-based hypercar

Lamborghini has teased a new ultra-exclusive hypercar designed solely for track use.

Other high-performance car manufacturers have similar models, spearheaded by Ferrari’s FXX programme, which sees customers purchase a car that is stored and maintained by the manufacturer but unleashed during a number of track days each year.

Lamborghini’s as-yet-unnamed model will be based on the Aventador supercar but with extensive modifications from the firm’s Squadra Corse racing team.

It will be powered by the existing 6.5-litre, naturally aspirated V12 engine, but with power bumped up to around 830bhp, around 70bhp more than the Aventador SVJ. The bodywork has been given aerodynamic upgrades to enhance performance, such as a large rear wing, roof scoop and dual air intakes.


It will feature a six-speed sequential transmission with suspension arms connected to the gearbox to improve stiffness. Meanwhile, the front frame is made from aluminium and is joined to a carbon-fibre monocoque and a steel roll cage.

Along with the teaser of this new hypercar, Lamborghini also released details of the Urus ST-X, a racing version of its performance SUV. Enhancements include a lighter structure, larger air intakes and new racing exhausts.

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