Sleek all-electric Jaguar sports car concept debuts in Gran Turismo Sport

Jaguar has revealed an all-new electric sports car concept for the Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation game.

The Vision Gran Turismo Coupe is the latest model in the game’s ‘Vision’ series of cars, which gives manufacturers free reign to create performance car concepts that gamers can race in the virtual world.


Jaguar’s effort incorporates design elements from its legendary race cars such as the C-Type and D-Type, with technical underpinnings that take learnings from the firm’s competition car in Formula E, an all-electric single-seater racing championship.

Power comes from a triple-motor set-up creating 1,006bhp and 1,200Nm of torque, promising a 0-60mph time of less than two seconds. The monocoque at the heart of the car’s structure is a lightweight experimental construction made from carbon-fibre and aluminium composite, contributing to a total weight of 1,400kg.

Our first virtual all-electric sports car – the #JaguarVisionGTCoupé – is the latest addition to the globally-renowned @Playstation@TheGranTurismo.

— Jaguar (@Jaguar) October 25, 2019

Inside, the cockpit has been designed to envelop the driver like the classic D-Type Le Mans car, but incorporates futuristic technology such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and holograms.

Julian Thomson, Jaguar design director, said: “This project has been completely led by our young designers and represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them to create a vehicle steeped in our incredible heritage but pushing the boundaries of future design.

“The team have done an incredible job in creating something which is clearly identifiable as a Jaguar, inspired – but not constrained – by our iconic past.”


Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo creator and president of the game’s development studio Polyphony Digital, said: “We are delighted to today announce the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo project.

“The design and performance of this car is a result of the team’s skill, craftmanship, and long years of collaborations together. We look forward to having drivers get behind the wheel next month.”

The Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Coupe will be available to download in Gran Turismo Sport from the end of November.

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