Nearly five million cars being driven with defective headlights on UK roads

Close to five million cars are being driven on UK roads with defective headlights, a new survey has discovered.

As daylight hours shorten, 4.6 million cars are being used despite having broken headlights, which reduces visibility and significantly increases the chance of an accident.

The study of 2,000 UK motorists made the findings which, when upscaled to the 38.4 million cars on UK roads, shows the extent of the issue.

The research also found that seven per cent of respondents have never checked their headlights over, while 12 per cent only checked them over in the last six months or longer.

In addition, 39 per cent of people have avoided driving in the winter because they dislike night time motoring.

Laura Walsh from Halfords, which conducted the study, said: “Usually you don’t know when a light has gone so regular checking is essential, especially in these increased hours of darkness and often more difficult and hazardous autumn and winter conditions.

“We realise that replacing blown bulbs on vehicles is not easy and have designed our own service to provide a helping hand for motorists who need to replace their blown bulbs. Cars with defective lights can cause a danger on the roads, so it is important that drivers check bulbs regularly and change them if needed.”

Belfast came out worst in the study, with 24 per cent of cars having defective lights. It was followed up by Gloucester, with 18 per cent of cars driving with blown bulbs. Norwich came out on top, with five per cent of drivers revealing that they have driven with faulty lights.

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