Major electric car charging suppliers agree on single subscription service

Nine major electric car charging suppliers have agreed to use a single subscription service, making on-the-go charging a more streamlined process for owners.

Allego, EVBox, NewMotion, Charge4Europe, Chargemap, Chargepoint, Engenie, Franklin Energy and Travelcar have agreed to not only allow drivers to pay for their charging services via a single subscription but will also share station information between one another.

The companies have also agreed to let drivers access their respective networks not only in the UK but also Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland via the same single subscription.

It means that drivers will be able to see which charge points are free, and also the cost of charging for each one.

The aim of the agreement is to help improve and streamline the charging infrastructure in the UK as well as Nordic countries. It’s because both regions lag behind Europe when it comes to interoperability.

Sytse Zuidema, CEO of NewMotion, said: “This agreement is a big victory for current UK and Nordic EV drivers that will help stimulate EV growth in the regions. NewMotion’s wider experience in Europe, where we have a public network of over 118,000 charge points, has shown that making charging more accessible and easy helps encourage EV adoption.

“As such, we’re excited to be part of a partnership that will no doubt help drive EV adoption in the UK and Nordic countries.”

Drivers will be able to pay for their charging session via one app-based single subscription. It’s an advantage for business users, too, because it’ll mean they no longer need to ask for reimbursement for multiple accounts from their employer.

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