Breakdown firms offered smart motorways training

Breakdown specialists across the UK have been offered special training for recovering cars on ‘smart’ motorways.

A new partnership between Highways England and the Network Training Partnership has seen the launch of the Smart Motorways Awareness for The Roadside Rescue & Recovery Industry course.

The training has been introduced amidst an overhaul of the UK’s motorway network, which currently has over 100 miles of ‘smart’ systems in place. These computer-monitored motorways see their speed limit changed automatically based on traffic conditions, though have come under fire from critics for losing the hard shoulder lane.

Taking place in a single day, the new eight-hour course trains recovery vehicle operators safe practices when attending a broken down vehicle on smart motorways. It also contributes to the 35 hours of training that Driver Certificate of Professional Competence accredited drivers must complete every five years.

Colin Stevenson, Highways England strategic partnerships manager, said: “The course has been developed specifically for roadside rescue and recovery drivers who use the motorway network and has been designed to aid practical, relevant training.

“Those completing the course will have a better understanding of the different types of smart motorways and how to formulate a recovery plan incorporating safe working practices when dealing with incidents on smart motorways.”

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