BMW Concept 4 showcases striking new design direction

BMW has debuted its new Concept 4 at today’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Showcasing a dynamic new look, it could point towards the design of next-generation of 4 Series.

The huge kidney grille at the front of the car is the most noticeable design feature, dominating the nose of the Concept 4. It follows on from a similar design seen on the X7 SUV and 7 Series saloon.

Domagoj Dukec, head of BMW Design, said: “The kidney grille has always been a signature feature of BMW cars. The BMW Concept 4 presents a confident and classy take on this iconic feature. At the same time, the BMW Concept 4 offers a look ahead to the expressive face of the 4 Series range.”

BMW says that the Concept 4 takes inspiration from the classic 328 and 3.0 CSL models, which it references in its sweeping exterior lines. Currently, the LED lights have no glass cover but are worked into the body instead – this is a feature that will be an unlikely touch on the production model.

The Concept 4 could showcase what the upcoming 4 Series will look like

There are no images of the car’s interior as yet, with the show car’s dark tints meaning no view of the cabin could be had. However, given the car’s basis on the new 3 Series, it’s likely that the upcoming 4 Series’ interior will be largely the same as the saloon version.

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