The great escape! Unexpected moment piglet rescue takes place on UK road

This was the moment a lone piglet was found running up a country road in the middle of the night.

The clip, filmed in Northern Ireland, shows the moment two cars team up to try and rescue the scared lost little piglet from the road.

Martin McKenna, who was on the way back from a night shoot when he rescued the pig, told Newsflare: "I was coming back late last night and saw a car flashing its lights on the road madly trying to get my attention.

"We followed it up the road with our hazard lights on to warn other road users, I grabbed him and put him in the boot of the other car and we took him off the main road and called the PSNI.

"Thankfully a patrol car arrived on the scene and after a bit of laughing from us all, they took the pig off our hands to take care of him. Not something I see often when out photographing the night sky!"

After rescuing the pig he took it to the local police and officers have appealed for its owners to come forward.


"Cows and sheep on the road are a common shout, but piglets.....not so much," a PSNI spokesperson said.

"With ears like that, pigs really could fly! This little one was rescued by a kind member of the public on the Tobermore Road at 0100hrs on 5/9/2019 and Police would like to identify the owner to return her home."

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