BMW introduces high-security X5 Protection VR6

BMW has revealed an armoured version of its X5 SUV designed to offer the utmost protection for its occupants.

Capable of offering protection against explosives and firearms, the X5 Protection VR6 is clad with steel armour plating which has been overlapped to help minimise the number of weak points across the body.

BMW claims that the armoured X5 is capable of withstanding AK-47 fire, and can protect occupants from explosions of up to 15kg from a distance of four metres.

The windows of the X5 Protection are 33mm thick

The engine and powertrain in general is protected from explosives thanks to an aluminium splinter shield, while the window glass has been replaced 33mm thick polycarbonate-reinforced glass. Only the driver’s window is electric as standard.

A 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 lurks underneath the bonnet

Underneath the bonnet sits a 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine that develops 523bhp. It’s the same as you’ll find in the range-topping X5 M50i and X7 M50i passengers cars. Though mechanical changes for the armoured X5 are few and far between, the petrol tank has been upgraded to a self-sealing unit – it can automatically close in the event of a puncture.

Inside, the interior is similar to that of a regular X5. However, it has been beefed-up in some key areas to help lift its security levels. The luggage compartment partition is armoured, increasing the amount of protection for rear seat passengers, for instance.

BMW hasn’t announced how much the X5 Protection VR6 will cost as yet.

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