Opel to electrify rally stages with Corsa-e racer

Vauxhall sister brand Opel has revealed a new all-electric rally car that’s set to hit the stage next year.

Based on the Corsa-e EV unveiled earlier this year, this racer will be the car of choice for the ADAC Opel-e Rally Cup — said to be the first brand-specific championship for electric rally cars.


The series is set to kick off in the summer of 2020 and is said to be ‘the perfect entry ticket to rallying for young drivers across the world’. The car retains the same powertrain from the road-going version, producing 134bhp and 260Nm of torque, though a number of chassis enhancements should drastically increase the car’s performance.

A Torsen differential has been fitted to the front of the car for improved power distribution, while a motorsport-spec suspension setup features on all four corners of the car. The Corsa-e’s traction control, ABS and ESP safety systems are switched off while a mechanical handbrake is implemented for greater control.

World Premiere at #IAA19: #Opel is the first carmaker to present an electric rally car – the new #OpelCorsa-e Rally Concept! https://t.co/smKpZCwhJ2pic.twitter.com/alvLxA7XGT

— Opel Newsroom (@OpelNewsroom) August 22, 2019

Pricing has yet to be finalised for the car, but Opel Motorsport — who customers can buy the car through — says it will be available for less than €50,000 (circa. £46,000). Fifteen spots on the 2020 ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup are open.

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