Owners of personalised plates are attention seeking, over a third of Britons say

Over a third of UK’s population think those who own personalised plates are out for attention, according to new data.

A survey of 2,000 drivers by insurance comparison site MoneySuperMarket revealed 36 per cent of Britons think drivers with such plates ‘want attention’ — with 35 per cent also describing them as ‘posers’.


On top of that, 33 per cent said anyone with a bespoke plate ‘have more money than sense’, with these perceptions resulting in 18 per cent saying they would reconsider ownership of such a registration.

Despite this, 26 per cent claimed to have owned a personalised plate at least once in their lifetime. Of all respondents, 29 per cent of men admitted to ownership — as did 23 per cent of women.

Adding to this, seven per cent of all respondents agreed that custom registrations are ‘stylish’, while 23 per cent said they would feel ‘cooler’ with one on their vehicle. An equal percentage believed drivers with personalised plated ‘have a lot of money’.

London is the most common place for these plates according to this research, with 33 per cent of respondents who admitted to ownership living in the UK’s capital while Edinburgh followed in second with 30 per cent.

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