Tesla to offer free unlimited charging for Model S and Model X cars

Tesla has revealed that it will be offering free unlimited supercharging with any purchase of its Model S or Model X vehicles.

Despite being a service that chief executive Elon Musk previously called ‘unsustainable’, the introduction of free charging for Tesla’s top-end models will mean thousands of pounds in terms of savings for owners.

Though little information has been released regarding the details of the offer – and just a tweet via Tesla’s official Twitter page to confirm it – it’s likely that the move has been made in order to re-energise sales of both the Model S and Model X cars.

The announcement follows on from larger than expected losses by the American manufacturer, which posted losses of $408 million (circa £327m) during the second quarter of 2019, despite record deliveries of its cars.

At the end of July Tesla announced that it delivered 95,365 cars and produced 87,048 cars in the first quarter of the year – an increase compared with 91,000 and 86,000 respective units in the final quarter of 2018.

Tesla’s network of electric car charging points is one of the most widespread in the world, with 290 superchargers located in the UK alone. These are backed by more than 550 Tesla destination chargers, which allow owners to top up their batteries at the end of their trip – albeit at a slower rate than the superchargers.

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