Volvo introduces roaming data for all of its new models

Volvo has announced that it will be providing all of its cars with 100GB of roaming data via an enabled SIM card.

The service will be available on all 2020 model year Volvos and won’t come at any extra cost to customers. It will, however, produce additional safety alerts and a WiFi hotspot without any additional charge.


The data service will offer 12 months of connectivity, after which point drivers will be able to choose whether to extend their data plan through Vodafone, and they’ll have the option of reducing the amount of data provided if they don’t require the full 100GB.

The SIM also allows the car to receive alerts from other similarly-connected Volvo cars should their hazard lights be triggered, or slippery road surfaces encountered. These signals are shared via a cloud-based network and help reduce the risk of accidents by warning drivers ahead of dangerous conditions.

Kristian Elvefors, Volvo Car UK managing director, said: “Being connected is a hugely important part of modern life, and in-car connectivity brings a whole host of benefits in terms of entertainment, information, journey planning and safety while on the move.

“By fitting a data SIM card to every new Volvo, we are ensuring that our customers can enjoy the cutting-edge technology in our cars to the full, while also making their lives easier and more enjoyable.”


The data service covers 42 countries, so drivers don’t have to worry about overextending the data plan when travelling further afield, too.

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