Audi adds V8 oomph to S8 as saloon gets update

Audi has revealed the latest iteration of its high-performance S8 saloon – boasting a 563bhp V8 engine.

Despite the switch to diesel for most of the German firm’s S models, it’s decided to stick with the petrol eight-cylinder formula for the flagship machine. That huge power figure, along with its 800Nm of torque, is largely down to the addition of two turbochargers to the 4.0-litre V8 unit.


What that translates to in performance terms hasn’t been revealed yet, and neither has its efficiency figures, although the latter will be aided slightly by the addition of Audi’s mild-hybrid technology, which is said to offer up to 0.8 litre per 100 kilometres of fuel savings.

To cope with this high-output power unit, chassis enhancements have been made. New ‘predictive active suspension’ is able to push down or lift up from each wheel separately to control the car’s behaviour and uses a front-mounted camera to judge upcoming road surfaces before adjusting itself accordingly.


Rear-wheel steering is also present, along with a standard-fit differential that splits torque across the rear axle under hard cornering. Carbon ceramic brakes are an optional item as well and are 9.6kg lighter than the standard steel units.

Visual changes to the S8 are minimal over the standard A8 that underpins it, although a racier aesthetic comes courtesy of tweaked bumpers, the addition of S badging and new twin exhaust pipes. It’s a similar story inside, with the only difference being a set of new sports seats plus model-specific badging and infotainment graphics.

Pricing has yet to be confirmed but UK order books are set to open in the autumn. First deliveries will begin later in the year.

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