Woman reverses into hubby's car

Staff writer

This is the moment a woman motorist accidentally reversed into her husband's car on their driveway - and rammed it through the garage door.

A video shows Sandra Lima, 52, getting into her Hyundai i10 Blue because she was worried she had parked too close to their neighbour's house.

The car nudges forward slightly before it is put into reverse and suddenly shoots backwards into husband David's Hyundai i30 Red.

Panicked, Mrs Lima continues to plant the accelerator and pushed her hubby's car backwards into the garage, ripping the door off the hinges.

'A revving noise, a clatter and this almighty crash'

Total costs of damage done, including to both cars and the garage, are up to £5,000. Fortunately the Limas, from Southampton, saw the funny side.

Bricklayer Mr Lima, 47, said he came out the house when he heard "a revving noise, a clatter, and this almighty crash" - and the pair of them started laughing.

"She doesn't really know what happened. All of a sudden, her foot got stuck - and she rammed my car into the garage," he said.

"The whole door then fell on top of my car. It's not something you expect to see. She'd only nipped out to move the car so that it wasn't parked too close to next door.

"There's dents and damages all over my car. And we'll need a new garage door, but nobody was hurt, and that's the main thing."