Classic car slams into stationary traffic


This is the moment a driver had a lucky escape after he crashed into the back of stationary traffic in his classic-style car.

Two doctors were sat in traffic on the A5 when the 2018 Morgan Plus 4 smashed into them from behind.

The dashcam footage shows the classic-style car crumple into their 2019 Audi SUV, before it spins off the road.

Driver Dr Syd Hassan, 31, said the collision took place last Friday. Remarkably, the dash cam footage shows Dr Hassan's car barely moved, despite the impact, which caused the bonnet to fly off the Morgan car.

Dr Hassan, from Maidstone, Kent, said he was on the A5 near Shrewsbury when the incident happened last Friday.

'My first reaction was that of shock'

"We slowed down with other cars at a busy roundabout when this gentleman came out of nowhere at 70mph and rammed his car into us from behind," he said.

"My first reaction was that of shock and jolt, but being an emergency doctor within seconds I was running to that gentleman so see if he was ok.

"Nobody stopped for good 10 to 15 mins and I checked the gentleman. I was helping him out of his car, on his request, as his doors were jammed, when a lovely couple stopped. She was an off duty nurse in acute medicine and they helped me to get him out of car.

"My partner called police and ambulance, who both were on scene in 20 to 25 minutes."

The Morgan driver was taken to hospital. Dr Hassan and his partner were also taken to hospital with neck and soft tissue injuries.