Skoda Karoq Velo is the concept car for cyclists

Skoda has unveiled a new concept designed specifically for cyclists.

Called the Karoq Velo, it’s a compact SUV fitted with a host of features designed to help it become the ‘ultimate support car’ for fans of two wheels.

The car’s overall design has been led by a UK survey of more than 1,500 cyclists about what would make their ideal cycling vehicle.

The Karoq even features a built-in washing machine

Because 27 per cent of respondents said that returning to their car with damp clothing was one of the biggest downsides of cycling, Skoda has integrated a fully operation washing machine. It means that riders can put their clothes in to be cleaned as soon as they finish a ride. A pressure washer means the bike can be made squeaky clean, too.

There's space for an additional bicycle and kit inside the car

Of the cyclists surveyed, 31 per cent said that mechanical issues were also a major issue, and in response, Skoda installed a full tool kit and equipment set to help with rapid puncture repairs. The car also features built-in LED lights to help with late-night repairs, too.

An exterior roof rack capable of carrying two bicycles has been fitted, along with the capability to store one inside, too. It’s still got enough space for three people when carrying three bikes, however.

Though there are no plans to put the Karoq Velo into production, the one-off concept will be used throughout the summer to help professional cyclists ahead of races and competitions.

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