How to avoid keyless car thefts

Man opening car with the control remote key

There is growing concern about car thieves hacking keyless entry systems to steal vehicles parked on driveways.

About £108 million was paid out in claims to car theft victims in the first three months of this year, according to the Association of British Insurers, a rise of 22% on the same period in 2018.

A device can be used to relay the signal from the key to the car.

This tricks the car's system into believing the key is closer than it is, resulting in crooks being able to unlock the doors and start the engine before driving off.

Here are seven tips on how to avoid keyless car thefts at home:

1. Keep keys inside a closed drawer and away from windows and doors.

2. Buy or make a bag or container which acts as a Faraday cage. This will help block a key's signal from being transmitted to a relay device.

(PA Graphics)
(PA Graphics)

3. Check your vehicle manual in case it is possible to temporarily turn off the key's wireless signal.

4. Do not forget traditional measures such as a steering wheel lock or car alarm.

5. Make your driveway as secure as possible. Consider installing a bollard or lockable gates to prevent the car being driven off while you sleep.

6. Deter crooks by fitting CCTV cameras to the outside of your home. Keeping the inside of your car tidy and removing signs of expensive equipment such as mobile phone charges will also make your vehicle less of a target.

7. Add a tracking device to your car so it can be recovered in the event it is stolen.

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