Vauxhall charges ahead with all-electric Corsa-e

Vauxhall has kicked off its electric vehicle campaign with an all-electric Corsa model – the Corsa-e.

It’s built on PSA Group’s CMP platform, which means it shares much of its makeup with the recently revealed Peugeot e-208.

In fact, it’s the first Vauxhall model to have been created since the British firm was bought by the PSA Group. The brand claims that two more all-electric models are set to follow in 2020.

Underneath the skin the Corsa-e features a 50kWh battery linked to an electric motor. The powertrain develops 134bhp and 260Nm, which enables the Corsa-e to go from 0-30mph in around three seconds.

The Corsa-e gets a 10-inch colour touchscreen display

It’s also capable of travelling 211 miles on a single charge and incorporates a regenerative braking system to help recoup lost energy when slowing down. Three driving modes are included on the Corsa-e – Normal, Eco and Sport – with the manufacturer claiming that driving in Eco can help increase range by 40 per cent compared with Sport mode.

The charging port is located where you would traditionally find the fuel filler, and the car can be charged to 80 per cent in 30 minutes via a rapid charger.

The charging port is located where you'd expect the fuel filler

Inside, the car benefits from a 10-inch colour touchscreen, which incorporates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration systems. A range of driver assistance systems have been fitted as standard too, including adaptive cruise control and automatic traffic sign recognition.

Vauxhall hasn’t released any details regarding the Corsa-e’s pricing, but these are likely to be announced closer to the car’s release date next year.

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