Millions of UK drivers could suffer neck and back pain from poor seating position

Research by Citroen and the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) estimates that 5.5 million UK drivers could be suffering from unnecessary back or neck pain as a result of spending hours behind the wheel.

A survey of 2,066 people by the BCA found 79.5 per cent of them reported neck or back pain – with 13 per cent reporting that driving was a trigger.

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To help motorists avoid pain and suffering while commuting, the two organisations have come up with a checklist to ensure you remain comfortable while driving.

Tim Button, an ergonomic consultant and member of the BCA, said: "Many of my patients have complained of neck or back pain when driving, particularly on long journeys, so it's important that people are aware of the best ways to protect their back health while in their car."

First, the organisation advises double checking the adjustment of the seat and mirrors before every journey. The seat back should be slightly reclined, while the mirrors should allow vision all around the car without excessive movement or straining.

They recommend sitting right up against the backrest of the seat, so that the spine is supported by the in-built lumbar support and the seat back, and once you're sitting comfortably, you should adjust the steering wheel. The BCA says your hands should rest naturally on the wheel with arms slightly bent.

Finally, they advise taking regular breaks on long drives. The BCA notes that the human body isn't designed to sit for long periods of time in one position, so take regular breaks on longer drives.

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