Terrifying video shows lorry driver attempting u-turn while hanging over edge of cliff

The three-point turn is often one of the hardest manoeuvres new drivers have to do, but a Chinese trucker has stepped things up a notch and performed a truly daring version of the about-turn so hated by learners and veterans alike.

With the narrow street nowhere near wide enough for a full turn, the trucker somehow manages to spin the massive vehicle around – hanging the end and very nearly one set of wheels over the edge of the sheer cliff face.

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News channel Nine.com.au reports that if the trucker had not performed an about-turn, he would have been forced to reverse up the entire road to find a safe place to turn around.

With a combination of what we can assume is luck, skill and divine intervention, the manoeuvre went off without a hitch, and there was no Italian Job-style ending to this scene.

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