What's inside a luxury car seat?

A modern driver's seat is far more than just a frame, some springs and some foam. In fact, modern car seats are fitted with baffling levels of technology – from multi-way adjustment to heating, ventilation, and in some cases massage functions.

The most luxurious cars on the market – such as the Mercedes S-Class – offer 32 dimensions of adjustment, multiple and extensive massage options and even active and passive safety features. But what goes into these terrifyingly complex pieces of upholstery?

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YouTube channel What's Inside tore one down to find out.

The sheer level of technology inside might surprise you, even with all those functions. Heating elements run through the entire seat, while there are more air pockets than you can shake a stick at – these being the items that inflate or deflate to give the driver or passenger a massage.

While slicing into such expensive leather provokes some sharp intakes of breath, it's very interesting to see what goes on under the skin of these super-luxury car seats.

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