Driver trapped in overturned car is rescued by passer-by

This is the incredible moment a man manages to save a driver trapped in a car stuck in a flooded river by breaking the vehicle's window.

With floods sweeping parts of California this motorist, in Santa Clarita, found himself trapped after his car was pushed on to its side by the raging torrent.

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Though a rope appears to have been attached to the vehicle to save it from being washed away completely, the man inside remains trapped as the river continues to flow.

Thankfully, a passer-by enters the fray and managed to smash the SUV's side window with a rock, following up with the move by kicking through any remaining glass with his foot.

The driver trapped inside then manages to squeeze through the smashed window, and thankfully drags himself on to side of the car.

Both the car's passenger and his saviour then leap to the river bank, narrowly avoiding the life-threatening situation.

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